H.M.S. Eagle

A filmed documentary depicting the way of life on board an aircraft carrier. Produced by Richard de la Mare. Directed by Charlie Squires.

“The life on a modern aircraft carrier, in Rediffusion’s excellent documentary ‘Warship Eagle’ last night. seemed easy and attractive to my husband.” Nancy Banks-Smith, The Sun. July 14.

“…first-rate photography and a crisp commentary….” The Times. July 14.

“…topicality gave ‘Warship Eagle’ an extra edge.” Philip Purser, Sunday Telegraph. July 17.

On the flight deck of H.M.S. Eagle. The director, Charles Squires, was presented with a Golden Star Award for his work on this programme and a cheque for £1,000 [£19,000 in 2019, allowing for inflation] at the company’s annual general meeting.