Major Barbara

George Bernard Shaw’s play adapted for television by Ronald Gow. With Eileen Atkins, Julia Foster, Ronald Fraser, Moira Lister, Daniel Massey and Douglas Wilmer. Produced by Peter Willes. Directed by John Frankau.

“…it was the only original television programme really worth watching last night.” Kenneth Eastaugh, Daily Mirror. October 19.

“Rediffusion made a happy contribution last night to the current GBS revival.” David Wilsworth, The Sun. October 19.

Top: “Major Barbara” left to right: front – Anna Palk, Moira Lister, Douglas Wilmer, Eileen Atkins; back – Jonathan Cecil, Michael Latimer and Daniel Massey.

Right: Douglas Wilmer as Andrew Undershaft with Eileen Atkins as Major Barbara.

Seven Deadly Sins

A drama anthology series in which each play dealt with one specific sin. Authors included Paul Jones, Joe Orton, Frank Marcus and Leo Lehman. Leading players included Vivien Merchant, Nigel Stock, Alan Dobie, Anna Massey, Robin Bailey and Julia Foster. Produced by Peter Willes.

“…was a beguiling and well-carpentered piece.” Robert Ottaway, Daily Sketch. May 10.

“It was so well done….” Kenneth Eastaugh, Daily Mirror. May 10.

“…it looks as if Peter Willes, the producer, is on to a nice idea.” Philip Purser, Sunday Telegraph. May 15.

“TV’s newest lively look at up-and-coming drama.” Fred Cooke, Sunday Citizen. May 15.

Patrick Allen, Nigel Stock and Vivien Merchant in “My Friend Corby”. The script for this story was written by Paul Jones whose widow was presented with a Golden Star Award for the most outstanding writer of the year and a cheque for £1,000 [£19,000] at the company’s annual general meeting. (Mr. Jones died on October 30.)