The Frost Programme

People, personalities and comment introduced by David Frost. Produced by Geoffrey Hughes.

“The kind of programme that Independent Television has been needing for years. Sharp, witty and perceptive.” Norman Hare, Daily Telegraph. September 29.

“The return of David Frost… deserves a little bunting and a few fairy lights.” Geoffrey Nicholson, Daily Mail. September 29.

“Of course, despite my gibes, ‘The Frost Programmes’ is all right.” Kenneth Eastaugh, Daily Mirror. September 30.

“His new show is giving ITV something it lacked–the journalism of ideas live and lively in form.” Maurice Wiggin, Sunday Times. October 16.

“Just in passing, I must say that ‘The Frost Programme’ has rapidly become the most stimulating and most adventurous talks programme on the air. Its sharp journalistic flair for the issue of the moment and the way in which it has maintained its standard of lively and provocative comment makes it compulsive viewing.” Milton Shulman, Evening Standard. November 23.

The Men in Black

A Rediffusion production for the International Television Federation, whose aims are to obtain greater international understanding through television. A searching inquiry into the priesthood in Ireland. Produced by Richard de la Mare. Directed by Geoffrey Hughes.

“…a worthy contribution to Intertel….” Norman Hare, Daily Telegraph. April 28.

“…provided a wide-ranging study of the current position in the priesthood in Ireland.” The Times. April 28.

“The Intertel programmes produced by Rediffusion are generally objective and fair… last night was a typically detached and considered survey of the Irish Catholic priesthood.” Mary Crozier, The Guardian. April 28.

“…a sympathetic survey of the Irish priesthood.” John Woodforde, Sunday Telegraph. May 1.

Scenes from the ordination ceremony of young priests at the Holy Cross College, Dublin.

The Levin Interview

Field Marshall the Rt. Hon. Viscount Montgomery of Alamein interviewed by Bernard Levin. Directed by Geoffrey Hughes.

“…was about as good as it possibly could have been. The Bernards seemed to have hit it off together to perfection.” Gerard Fay, The Guardian. September 6.

“…all deeply engaging.” The Times. September 6.

“…neither were tricks needed to make Lord Montgomery interesting in Rediffusion’s ‘Levin Interview’.” Ruth Hall, Sunday Times. September 11.

Bernard Levin talking to Field Marshall the Viscount Lord Montgomery of Alamein.